The amazing truth about cocoa butter



Cocoa butter and coconut oil are famously linked to healthy and deeply nourished skin. The rich benefits are often discussed in beauty circles. But what’s all the fuss about? Here are some amazing truths about these natural products.  

Cocoa butter:  

Many of us know cocoa butter as the sweet-smelling balm our family has been using for generations, but we have really lost touch with what this versatile product is actually about. Not only does it smell fantastic, but this awesome stuff is nature’s gift to your skin. Here are some fascinating facts about cocoa butter:

  • It’s one of the two main products that come from the cocoa bean along with cocoa powder.  
  • It’s a rich, natural moisturiser, so it’s great as a body cream. 
  • Cocoa butter is packed full of antioxidants that make it perfect for anti-aging. 
  • It has restorative properties that work to repair skin.  
  • It’s also non-abrasive, which makes it ideal for sensitive skin. 
  • It has a vanilla and chocolate scent which is luxurious and uplifting.   

Coconut Oil 

Coconut is a reminiscent of sandy beaches and sunshine. But there is much more to this fruit than meets the eye – the oil is an amazing natural skin remedy. Here are some fascinating facts about Coconut Oil: 

  • Its unique fat composition makes it especially useful as a moisturiser that nourishes skin. 
  • Coconut oil is a disinfectant and can be used against harmful organisms, so it’s a great skin protectant. 
  • It has anti-inflammatory properties which can soothe skin inflammations. 

If you have skin that needs nourishing, coconut oil and cocoa butter are two ingredients you want in your lotion. These incredible natural ingredients can be found in our nourishing Cocoa Butter & Coconut Oil Dawn lotion and cream and are a gift to your skin. Thanks to the abundance of nature, your skin will be deeply moisturised, naturally radiant and freshly scented.