Benefits of Looking After Your Skin

From A Young Age

We all want to have beautiful skin well into your later years. But, your chances of having it are only improved if you start taking care of it from a young age. Here are a few things you should be doing in your teens and twenties if you want to have great skin later on in life. 

Exfoliation – Prevents Dull And Uneven Skin

Exfoliation is the process of removing dead skin cells in a variety of ways such as using a loofah or a scrub. “Whether your skin is oily or dry, regular exfoliation is necessary from your middle teenage years on, to promote smooth skin surface and to minimise pores,” says S. Manjula Jegasothy, MD, of the Miami Skin Institute in an article from Without exfoliation, dead skin cells build-up on the skin and this could lead to a dull and uneven complexion.

Daily Moisture – Keeps Skin Elastic And Hydrated 

It’s essential to moisturise your skin at least once a day. It might feel like a chore, especially to busy teenagers, but the benefits will become apparent when they’re older. Use products that nourish and protect the skin, like the new Dawn Vitamin E & Argan Oil Body Lotion that helps reduce the appearance of stretch marks (don’t worry, we all have them). 

If your skin is dehydrated and dry, opt for a deep moisturiser like Dawn’s Cocoa Butter & Coconut Oil Body Lotion. Feeding your skin with a dose of daily moisture helps skin stay young because it replaces lost moisture and improves skin elasticity, which makes it slower to wrinkle as you age. And don’t forget your hands! 

Sunblock – Prevent Wrinkles And Sunspots 

According to a study , wearing sunblock daily prevents skin aging – so it stands to reason that applying it from a young age will prevent wrinkles and sunspots. According to Dr Adele Green , the study’s lead author, "We now have the scientific evidence to back the long-held assumption about the cosmetic value of sunscreen," says Green. "Regular sunscreen use by young and mid-aged adults under 55 brings cosmetic benefits and also decreases the risk of skin cancer."

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