Confidence boosters for this spring

Bare your arms with confidence this spring. There is no better feeling than peeling off those layers of winter clothes, to feel the sun warm your bare skin. At Dawn, we believe that all women deserve to feel proud of their beautiful skin; to celebrate and accentuate it. Feel your most confident this spring by following these confidence booster tips and skincare tricks:


Take care of those underarms!

Minimise the drying effects of shaving by using Dawn’s Ladies Roll-On range which provides up to 48-hours of freshness. Dawn Ladies Gentle Aloe antiperspirant with its caring ingredients is perfect to help your skin recover from the irritation caused by shaving, giving you beautifully soft and smooth underarms! Simply apply as needed and feel comfortable day and night.

Be your own cheerleader

Power past insecurities and doubts by using self-affirmations. You’re less likely to focus on failures from your past and are perhaps more likely to learn from your mistakes. Self-affirmations trigger a cycle of positivity — more self-confidence leads to higher expectations and when met, brings even more self-confidence. Self-affirmation techniques focus on being kind to yourself by reciting positive words and phrases out loud. To do this you can look in the mirror and tell yourself something you like or love about your personality and physical appearance. When you feel good, you look good.


Break a sweat

Exercise has many, many physical benefits, but more importantly, it also does your mind good and eventually leads to more confidence and less stress. As far as confidence goes, fight the insecurity of sweatiness by using Dawn Ladies Forever Fresh antiperspirant which provides up to 48-hours of freshness for your underarm skin.


Manage stress

Stressful situations can trigger heavy armpit sweat. Use Dawn Woman Cool Musk Antiperspirant to avoid wetness, odour, ruined clothing and embarrassment from excessive sweating. Use calming techniques like deep breathing and listening to relaxing music to help reduce stress before you start sweating. Take five minutes each day to close your eyes, sit up straight and breathe in deeply through your nose and out through your mouth. You will feel invigorated, and the technique will help you destress and focus on celebrating your true beauty.

Let out your true self with confidence by making use of these simple confidence-boosting tips.