Grooming Tips for Men Stuck at Home

While men around the world are cooperating with the instruction to limit physical contact, it seems some have also distanced themselves from their toiletry bag. And that's completely understandable. How many people can honestly say they follow their grooming regimen to a tee, even when they're going to be indoors for a month?

But there's no reason to give grooming a break. You can still look good with the right amount of effort and advice. Summoning enough energy to groom yourself shouldn't be too hard. After all, who doesn't enjoy looking at the mirror and loving what they see? All that's missing now is the right advice. Here's how to keep up your grooming regimen from the comfort of your home:

Keep an Eye on Dryness

You've probably been washing your hands more frequently than usual. And although frequent handwashing is a necessity, it's also a great way to make your hands bone dry. Be sure to use a replenishing moisturiser such as Dawn body lotion after you've washed your hands.

Don't Skimp on the Sunscreen

There's no need to keep up your SPF routine when you're going to spend most of your time indoors, right? But it turns out ultraviolet rays can still have an impact, even when you're indoors. UVA light can penetrate through window glass, which means you're still vulnerable to premature ageing (e.g. wrinkles, leathery skin). Even though you're shut in at home, you should still use a water-resistant sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher.

Cut Hair While It's Short

Most barbershops have momentarily shut their doors. The best course of action is to trim your hair sooner rather than later. The logic behind this is simple. It is much easier to cut and shape your hair every week or two instead of trying to do so when it's grown out of control. It is much easier to pick up where your barber left off if your last haircut was just a few days ago rather than a month later.

Tame Your Beard

It may be easy to shave off all your beard, but what happens when you want to sculpt it like a barber? The principle that applies to the hair on your scalp also applies to facial hair: trim it sooner rather than later.

When it's time to whip out the hair clippers, comb down from your cheek to your neck, before trimming downward to remove hairs that are sticking out. If you have a moustache, brush it down and trim the hairs hanging over your lip. Then shape up your beard using a clipper without a guard, before cleaning the cheek area and shaping the neck. Like any skincare guru would recommend, use a moisturiser on your neck after shaving to prevent your skin from drying out.


Just because life as we know it has taken a pause, it doesn't mean your grooming routine has to do the same. You can still put your best foot forward even when you're not going to step outdoors.