History of aloe vera


There are plenty of reasons to eat avocados. They are rich in nutrients and antioxidants that reduce the risk of stroke, improve brain health and promote muscle recovery. But a little-known fact about the berry (yes, avocados are berries) is that it’s great for your skin. And its efficacy in skincare is only rivalled by that of avocado oil.

Although the avocado has been making its way to our plates for the past 4500 years, the extraction of its oil for cosmetic purposes is a relatively new concept. In 1934, the California State Chamber of Commerce noted that several companies had started extracting oil from avocados. Back then, the oil was made by peeling and drying the avocados before squeezing them with a hydraulic press. The initial aim was to use it as a cooking oil, but the manufacturing process was so costly and time-consuming that companies grew skeptical of its selling power.

All of that changed when researchers discovered avocado oil’s numerous benefits. Studies found that the oil was rich in vitamins A, D and E, had excellent skin penetration qualities and almost no odour. 

The 70s saw a boom in the popularity of avocado oil, and it was not uncommon to find it in lotions, face creams and bath oils. Important developments, such as the introduction of cold-pressing, have transformed avocado oil from a fringe product to a must-have commodity. 

Unlike avocado oil, the benefits of aloe vera were discovered thousands of years ago. The first physical record of the plant was written on a Sumerian clay tablet that dates back to 2100 BC. 

Ancient Chinese and Egyptian physicians used the plant to treat burns, wounds and reduce fever. Aloe vera was also a crucial part of Queen Cleopatra’s daily skincare routine. And legend has it, she wasn’t the only royal who had a soft spot for the plant. Alexander the Great reportedly used aloe juice to heal his warriors’ wounds.

Over time, aloe vera has grown to become a R180 billion industry. Walk into any pharmacy or cosmetics store and you’re bound to find aloe vera lotion or cream.

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