Ingredients You Need

to Look and Feel Good This Summer

As the hot weather indicates - Summer has arrived, and with it the thick clothes are pushed to the back of the closet. However, as the layers come off, it’s important for your skin to look and feel good. Some men don’t realise that each season has its own appropriate fabrics, and perhaps some skincare challenges. As the transition from long pants to shorts commences; here are a few tips, for any type of man, from skincare  to shades, to keep you feeling lighter, energised and looking fantastic!

Beard oil

Beard oils moisturise facial hair and the skin beneath. Using one consistently softens facial hair and makes it healthier. An ideal beard is shiny and groomed so make sure to comb and trim your facial hair regularly. Get rid of the itch and invest in a good beard oil. Any high quality beard oil has an essential and a carrier oil/s. Read the ingredients list and look out for carrier oils like jojoba, argan, sweet almond and grapeseed to name a few.

Pair of shorts

They say summer bodies are built in winter, so why not flex and show some leg when the sun is out? Shorts are typically everyone’s go-to item in the warmer months. Invest in a few statement shorts like; fitted, cargo, athletic, running, pleated and denim. Breathable cotton clothes are ideal to keep you feeling fresh and dry on a hot day.


Just like sunscreen, sunglasses are vital in preventing long-term eye damage. Wearing a cap and fedora are not enough. Protect your eyes from UV rays and any cornea damage by taking preventative steps. It’s not one or the other - it really is sunscreen AND sunglasses.

Hair gel

There’s an array of hair care products for men in the market. And whilst winter requires heavier products to prevent hair loss and dryness, the same products are not as effective in the strong summer sun. Opt for clay-type products that have a matte effect. Any highly water-soluble products will most likely mix with sweat and leave your forehead soaked.

Dawn lotions and creams

If you are looking for body cream for very dry skin, Dawn Men Active Body Cream, with activated charcoal, detoxifies the skin promoting a balanced, even-tone finish. It is lightweight and fast absorbing and does not make the skin feel greasy. This body cream is perfect for the man-on-the-go or gym enthusiast that is always booked and busy.

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