Skincare for Extremely Dry Skin

Do you find that your skin is extremely dry? Learn how to identify dry skin, the causes of extremely dry skin, and how to care for it correctly.

Identifying Dry Skin

If you experience any of these problems, the chances are that you’ve got dry skin.

●  Dullness
●  Flakiness
●  Itchiness
●  Prone to fine lines and creasing

You might also experience dry, brittle hair and nails.

What Causes Extremely Dry Skin?

Many different factors can worsen dehydrated skin. These include:

●  Harsh winter weather
●  Diet and poor digestion
●  Incorrect skincare regime
●  Bad lifestyle habits such as smoking and too much alcohol

While dry skin is not uncommon, severely dry skin cases could be a medical condition that needs treatment by a specialist doctor called a dermatologist. If your skin is prone to nasty rashes or scabbing, we suggest consulting with a skincare professional.

If your skin is merely dry and dull, there are plenty of things that you can do to improve it:

SkinCare for Extremely Dry Skin

The first and most important thing is to choose the correct products and routine for your skin. Consistency is also key, so make sure to keep up your good skin habits.

Those suffering from very dry skin should consider products with extra hydrating benefits. From your cleanser to your serums, lotion for extremely dry skin, and body moisturisers, look for ingredients that offer ultra-hydrating benefits. Some of the top expert-recommended ingredients include:


A coconut in half with a jar of coconut oil infront of it

Almond oil is a creamy and hydrating ingredient, used both internally and topically. For centuries, cultures around the world have used almond oil to treat dry skin. Almond oil  is known to soothe dryness, cuts, burns, and abrasions. The healthy fats found in nut oils have also been known to improve skin’s glow, decrease puffiness, reverse sun damage, and even reduce the appearance of scars.

Shea Butter

A coconut in half with a jar of coconut oil infront of it

Shea butter  is a rich tree-nut oil that soaks deeply into your skin for ultimate hydration. Shea butter boasts high concentrations of vitamins and fatty acids. This miracle ingredient soothes, softens, and moisturises extremely dry skin. It even offers healing and anti-inflammatory benefits.

Dawn’s Shea Butter and Almond Oil Body Lotion  is a product for dry skin that has been specially formulated to revive very dry skin. This lotion is enriched with added oils & 100% natural moisturisers and delivers up to 48 hours of moisturisation.

For Ultimate Hydration, We Also Suggest Following These Top Tips:

1. Cleanse with an alcohol-free cleanser to avoid further drying out of your skin.

2. Apply a face and body oil after cleansing.

3. Exfoliate at least twice a week. Removing dry and dead skin cells allows for better absorption of your skincare products.

4. Layer on your face cream and body lotion over oils or serums. Ideally, do this on slightly damp skin, just as you’ve gotten out of the bath or shower.

5. Repeat this in the morning and again before bed.

6. Don’t let the sun dry out or damage your skin. Apply a good SPF daily.

More Tips on What to Do for Extremely Dry Skin:

● Avoid very hot baths or showers. These are drying.
● Drink at least 2 litres of water daily.
● Use moisturising body soap and don’t bathe or shower for over ten minutes.
● Use a soft towel to dry off, and gently pat your skin dry. Don’t rub or scrub.
● Use a humidifier during the extra dry winter months.
● Don’t scratch or aggravate dry skin. Instead, soothe it with cream.

Woman relaxing with a humudifier

If you suffer from extremely dry skin, there’s no need to worry or feel alone. Many people experience similar struggles. However, with the right routine and products, you can look forward to healthy, glowing skin!

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