Enjoy Summer Activities in The Comfort Of Your Own Home

If the past few months are anything to go by, then home is where the heart resides. Plus a tinge of boredom and it’s hard to predict what the summer will be like.

We’ve pretty much exhausted our brains trying to come up with ways to stay entertained, creative and feel less alone.

Fortunately, there are a number of ways to enjoy the summer in the comfort of your own home.


Game Night

Game night is a great opportunity for laughs, creating memories and bonding. It is the same when you plug in your console and challenge the boys for a couple of rounds. The essentials for a great night don’t have to cause a headache. Stick to basics - games, company and food. Establish what kind of games everyone is into: including board games, card games, and table top games. Go with the most interactive, fun and popular ones.    



It’s warmer outside and you’re suddenly motivated to work on your body. Don’t stress if you’ve never done burpees in your life. Start with a four-week exercise plan for beginners. Focus on building some muscle and work your way to a stronger body. Split your days up and focus on one part at a time: upper body, lower body, abs/core and full body.

The heat, however, increases water loss in the body leading to dehydration. A good workout will have you sweating bucket loads. Drink more water and go for a hydrating body lotion or a body cream for dry skin.


Host A Braai

Hosting a braai is a lot of hard work but can be very fun. However, dont forget to take care of the braai prep, making sure that there is a variety of meat and vegan options, and that there is enough food for everyone invited. If you will not be the one doing the braaing, make sure to alert the friend who will be handling the meat so they are well prepared.

And as for yourself on the day of the braai, you can get ready to welcome guests whilst feeling and looking your best with Dawn Men Legacy Fragrance Free Body Cream, formulated to soothe and protect sensitive skin.

It’s summer - think outside the box and have a blast!