Date night prep and beauty tips

There’s nothing more exciting, and sometimes nerve-wracking, than preparing for date night. Whether it’s a first date, a blind date, or even date night with your partner or spouse, you want to feel your best, and look your best.

Making that happen is going to take some forward planning, so don’t leave your pampering to the last minute. Whether date night falls on a weeknight after a long day at work, or whether you’re lucky enough to have free time to prepare, we’ve got some tips – and products – to get you ready for a perfect date.

Invest in some ‘can’t do without’ potions and lotions. On top of your list should be Dawn’s Silky Smooth Body Creams – choose from Dawn Special Musk & Jojoba Oil Body Cream or Dawn Rich Lanolin & Rose Water Body Cream. Both will keep your skin beautifully prepped and primed for that special night out.

The day/night before

Tip # 1
If your budget allows, one of the simplest ways to reduce pre-date stress is to book a soothing massage. There’s nothing like a professional spa massage to get your body and brain into a relaxed mood.


Woman relaxing in a bubble bath

Tip # 2
A long, leisurely bath the night before in a tub filled with your favourite fragrance, bubbles or salts is a must. If you don’t have a tub, don’t stress! A steamy shower will be just as good. It will help you to prepare your skin, you’ll relax and feel refreshed too; just as if you’d had that massage.

Tip # 3
Remember to exfoliate. Using a foamy facial exfoliator will help to boost skin regeneration and leave your face squeaky clean.

Tip # 4
Silky smooth legs and underarms are important too. If you’re not a ‘waxer’ then remember to shave the night before. A great tip for shaving is to keep your skin well moisturised both before and after shaving.

Tip # 5
Make sure your skin is prepped and primed – both on your face and body. Well moisturised skin makes you look fresh and dewy.

Tip # 6
Now that you’re bathed and shaved, it’s time to apply your chosen Dawn Body Cream. Apply it lavishly to your entire body – you’ll feel and smell like a million dollars.

If you’ve opted for Dawn Special Musk and Jojoba Oil Body Cream you’re in good hands. Jojoba oil is a plant wax that’s similar to our skin's natural sebum, making it a perfect moisturiser for your skin. If you’ve chosen Dawn Rich Lanolin and Rose Water Body Cream, your skin will thank you too. Because Lanolin is an emollient, it can help to smooth dry or dehydrated skin. And who can resist the smell of rose water!


Image of a body lotiion in a heart shape

Day zero – date night

Ideally, if your date is on a weekend or day off, you’ll have plenty of time to prep and preen and you can go the whole hog. Book, or give yourself a mani and/or pedi. Have your hair done, or style it yourself. But, although we’d all love to have lounged about all day with hours to get ready, date night might come after a long day at work. If that’s the case, don’t panic. You can still look and feel wonderful. Here’s how:

The night before or the morning of your date, pack a bag with everything you need for the night ahead.

• A change of clothing
• Hair products
• Perfume
• Deodorant
• Make-up

You’ll be surprised what you can achieve in 15 minutes in the rest room at your office and ensuring that you are well prepared will soothe your nerves. It’s also important to feel at your best health-wise, so stay away from food or drink that may make you feel bloated, and opt for light, healthy choices. Remember that ‘the first impression is the last impression’ - a well-moisturised and dewy skin gives the perfect first impression. Apply your Dawn Body Cream to arms, legs, knees, and elbows, then spritz on your signature perfume.

And our final tip

Happy couple playing video games

Remember that the person you’re on a date with wants to be there with you - so laugh, have fun, and enjoy! Eat delicious food, enjoy a movie together, and revel in each other’s company. Wherever your date leads, however it all unfolds, just be yourself and savour the moment.