Enjoy Summer Activities in The Comfort Of Your Own Home


Home Sweet Home

There’s something about summer that makes us want to have fun. Remember when you were a kid counting down the seconds on the final day of school waiting for the excitement of summertime? And now you’re an adult, that excitement and anticipation is still there. We’ve put together a list of fun activities for adults to do at home. Go ahead and unleash your inner child in the comfort of your own home.

Sleep Under the Stars – In Your Own Backyard

Whether you’re into camping (or glamping for the girls), backyard camping is a blast. You get to enjoy the great outdoors without all the packing and planning. And you have the bonus of easy access to private ablutions nearby. Setting up your campsite will take some teamwork between you and your loved ones.

If you have a tent, find a smooth, flat surface to call home for the night. Everyone can pitch in, whether it’s spreading out the canvas first, or putting together the poles. Make it snug inside by lining the tent floor with yoga mats, sleeping bags, and comfortable cushions. If you need some extra comfort, blow up an inflatable air mattress.

If you don’t have a tent, you can easily create a makeshift shelter by tying a rope between two trees and hanging a large blanket over the top. Put some waterproof fabric on the ground, then make it comfortable with layers of duvets or blankets and pillows on top. String some lights around the tent to light up your campsite, and you’re done.

Marshmallows on a stick on an open fire

One of the best parts about camping is eating around the fire, so if you have a fire pit, it’s easy to ‘braai’ your favourite barbecue treats, followed by chocolate dipped marshmallows for dessert.

And what’s a campfire without storytelling? Telling spooky stories with a flashlight illuminating your face is lots of fun. Or try some ’truth’ or ‘dare’ - get ready for lots of fun and giggles.

No backyard? If you don’t have your own garden or patio for camping, don’t panic!

Here’s a list of fun activities to do inside your home:

Take A Culinary Summer "Vacation"

Why not experiment at home with summer recipes from places you’d like to visit someday. Try tuna poke bowls from Hawaii, spiced swordfish from the Mediterranean, or shrimp Pad Thai from Thailand. Cooking up a summer storm for you and your family or friends is both entertaining, informative, and it satisfies your taste buds.

Happy couple cooking together

Set Up Your Own Ice Cream Bar

Summertime is ice cream time – and it’s not only for kids. Instead of having the standard scoop after dinner, why not put together an ice cream bar? Set out a variety of flavours and toppings in separate bowls. Don’t forget the cones! You’ll feel as if you’ve gone out for dessert.

Variety of ice cream flavors in sugar cones

Plant A DIY Herb Garden

Adding fresh herbs to your summer recipes will make them super tasty. Save time and money by growing your own herbs instead of running to the store every time you need basil or parsley. And you don’t even need a garden. With an in-house herb planter, or a couple of pots you can grow every herb you need right in your own kitchen. With a pot you can place your herbs in spots such as your kitchen windowsill, your balcony, deck, or your kitchen counter.

Remember to choose a container that matches the size of the herbs you’ll grow. Next time you need to spice up that pasta or chicken roast, just grab a few leaves of basil, sage or thyme. You won’t regret it.


And finally, after all the camping, cooking, and herb growing, there’s nothing like an indulgent pamper session at home to revitalise and soothe. Put on some great music, relax in a bubble-filled bath or enjoy a cool summertime shower. Whatever you do, follow it with generous lashings of your favourite Dawn Body Lotion or Cream. It will have you smelling and feeling like summer in no time.