Exercise is good

for your skin, here’s why

There are many ways to take better care of your skin. You can change your diet, drink more water or use a good-quality body lotion that will add nourishment to your skin.

Dawn believes that all women deserve to feel proud of their beautiful skin; to celebrate and accentuate it. And one of the best things that you can do for your skin and body is to exercise. Here’s why:

Gives you an instant glow

We often hear about many skin care myths but the “post-workout glow” is not one of them. Exercising gets your heart pumping and that gives your skin the dose of oxygenated blood that it needs while you’re burning calories. It also supports your skin by helping it produce more of its natural oils. 

Flushes out impurities

Exercising encourages blood circulation more efficiently in our bodies. This makes it easy for nutrients to reach organs and muscles. Working out will make you sweat and that flushes out toxins that can cause blemishes. So, try to exercise often to prevent blemishes from appearing. And remember, after your shower and rid your body of excess oils and dirt, use new Dawn Aloe Vera and Avocado Oil  to soothe the skin and gently moisturise.

This body lotion is especially created for sensitive skin with 100% natural moisturisers. It also contains cocoa butter that has been sourced from Africa and provides 48-hour moisturisation.

Encourages you to drink more water

During and after your workout, you become thirsty. As much as a workout can leave you feeling energised, you can’t hide the fact that having a water bottle by your side is essential. That’s because sweating makes your body lose water, so you need to replace the fluids you lose by drinking water throughout your workout. Remember that dehydration can lead to dull and flaky skin but hydrating your skin will work wonders.

The key to radiant skin is to give it what it needs from the inside out. So, make exercising a part of your routine if you want healthy and glowing skin. Remember, you don’t have to join the gym to get results — taking jogs in your neighbourhood or doing exercises at home will make all the difference.