Make dawn the centre of your at-home spa day

Enjoy An At-Home Spa Day with Dawn

Having an at-home spa day to pamper yourself in peace can beat the stress of booking costly appointments and heading out into a crowded space. Besides, donning a beauty face mask instead of a Covid mask makes a spa treatment at home a welcome treat.

How To Set Up an At Home Spa Day

Setting up your at-home spa is easier than you think, and we’ve put together some pointers to make sure your home spa day is such a huge success, you may want to indulge yourself weekly, monthly, or even with a group of friends. Let’s be honest, there’s nothing to beat pamper time solo, or with the girls. We’re going to provide all the tips you need to make sure that your at-home spa day is enjoyable, relaxing, and beneficial to your skin.

Lavender, bath salts and candles on a bath

1. Choose A Comfortable Space

Whether you choose to use your bedroom, your bathroom, or even your lounge, the important thing is to declutter the area you choose to relax in. You’re aiming for that calming Zen-like vibe.

2. Set out your supplies

Make sure you have all your favourite pamper supplies on hand such as:

● Bubble bath, bath bombs or bath salts in your favourite fragrance.

● Body scrub – store bought or make your own with the easy recipe below

● Soothing gel eye and facial masks

● An enriching body lotion or cream. Our top choice, of course, is the luxury of Dawn body lotion or cream

● Soft fluffy towels

Brown Sugar Body Scrub Ingredients:

● ½ cup coconut oil

● ¼ cup honey

● ½ cup brown sugar

● 3 tbsp ground oatmeal


● Stir together coconut oil and honey

● Add brown sugar and oatmeal. Stir until you’re left with a thick paste

● After wetting your skin, gently rub the mixture on your body

● Rinse and pat dry

3. Set the Mood

Invest in some fragrant candles and surround yourself with a soft glow. A room diffuser with scents of vanilla, lavender or rose is a good idea too.

4. Dress Comfortably

Wear your most comfortable robe or snuggly sweats and oversized t-shirt – the looser, the better.

5. Add Some Mood Music

Choose from soothing piano, guitar, or the simple sounds of nature. Be sure to keep the volume low.


Woman in her robe with a clay mask on her face

Now that you’re set up and ready to start, remember that skin care is a vital part of our daily routine. Our skin reflects our lifestyle and our inner beauty. Cleansing and nourishing the skin is an essential part of the spa day process. Here’s our suggested plan of action:

● Start your pamper session by applying your eye and facial masks, then step into a relaxing bath filled with those bubbles you have on hand. Soak and luxuriate for as long as you like (get out when your skin starts wrinkling!).

● Remove your eye and face mask with clean warm water and apply your facial toner, followed by moisturiser.

● Exfoliate using your body scrub, with emphasis on your elbows, knees, and thighs – your skin will look revitalized and feel soft to the touch.

● A quick rinse in tepid water and you’re ready to wrap yourself in that fluffy towel.

● Take some time out now; lie down, close your eyes, play your mood music and just relax. If you’re into meditation, now’s the time to practise it. If not, let the music you’ve chosen soothe your soul.

● Practise some dry brushing – it stimulates blood circulation which is useful for cell renewal. And now it’s time to slather your body in a nourishing moisturiser. Try Dawn’s Chamomile & Moringa Oil Body Lotion or, for drier skin, opt for Dawn’s Shea Butter & Almond Oil Body Lotion. For a more decadent treat, use Special Musk & Jojobo Oil body cream.

From Tropical Cream & Papaya Oil , and Cocoa Butter and Coconut Oil , to Vitamin E & Argan Oil you’ll be spoilt for choice. So check out Dawn’s full range of body lotion and cream and find your favourite.

And don’t forget that Dawn also has a range of anti-perspirant roll-on deodorants which will keep you feeling fresh and dry. There’s Dawn Cool Musk, Gentle Aloe, Pearl of Africa, and even Dawn Black + White.

Manicure with rose petals in bowl

You could call it a day right here, or you could decide to treat yourself to a home manicure, pedicure, or a special hair treatment. Whatever you decide, your at-home spa day should have you feeling delicately scented and relaxed – as if you’ve just walked out of a professional spa salon.