Choosing The Right Lotion For Your Skin

How often have you used a body lotion or cream that doesn’t agree with your skin? Don’t worry! It’s quite common. But it is incredibly annoying to buy a product, use it once and then regret your purchase.

For your body lotion or cream to work its magic, it must be suited to your specific skin type. We are all different and so are our skin types

Four Tips to Choosing Products That Suit Your Skin

To prevent you from purchasing the wrong product again we have put together a guide on how to choose skincare products that suit your needs.

1. Understand the ingredients

We may make the mistake of using a body lotion that doesn’t agree with our skin – resulting in breakouts. A survey  conducted by Harris Poll states that more than six in 10 women read beauty product labels before making a purchase. The same survey revealed that only three in 10 women avoid purchasing a product if it contains sulphates, which can cause skin irritation. So, it’s important to have a basic understanding of the ingredients in the product you are thinking of buying.

Natural ingredients tend to remedy skincare problems in a gentler manner. The Dawn range consists of natural moisturisers and added oils and has a solution for every skin type. Whether you suffer from dull skin that needs more moisture  (try our Dawn Special Musk & Jojoba Oil body cream) or stretch marks that you just cannot get rid of (try our Dawn Vitamin E & Argan Oil body cream), we have a product - based on natural ingredients just for you.

2. Seek Out Hydration

Look for products that have moisturising properties, which draw water from the dermis (second layer of skin) and use it to moisten the surface of the skin. Glycerine is a common humectant (an organic compound that keeps things moist) and it's good to know that the Dawn range contains 100% natural moisturisers including plant-based glycerine to provide the skin with 48 hours of hydration.

Woman in a towel, looking at her right palm, left hand on her shoulder

3. Check Your Budget

An expensive body lotion may be no more effective for your skin than a cheaper one. When deciding on a skincare product, ensure that you are not only comfortable with the ingredients but that the product is made by a reputable brand.

Dawn has been trusted to moisturise and celebrate the natural beauty of glowing, radiant skin since the 1960s. This makes Dawn a heritage brand that generations of African women have trusted and passed on. With Dawn’s products you get value for your money, not only do they smell amazing and nourish the skin with their natural moisturisers but they solve a host of skincare dilemmas.

4. It’s All About Consistency

The last tip on how to choose skincare products is this: Find the right consistency for your skin. Different skin types respond differently to various textures of lotions or creams. Some people need a thick, buttery consistency in the drier seasons and some only need a light lotion in the more humid months. You therefore need to ask yourself the question: How does my skin behave in the summer versus the winter? When is my skin oilier and when does my skin need more moisture?

Dawn has a selection of lotions and creams with different fragrances that cater to specific skin types, so you are sure to find something to suit your needs. You may not enjoy the smell of floral fragrances, but have you tried Aloe Vera & Avocado Oil body lotion? This variant, made especially for sensitive skin, may become your go-to moisturiser. It all depends on what works for you and what gives you the confidence to be the best version of yourself. Happy shopping!