The How’s And Why’s Of Sensitive Skin

Most people think of sensitive skin as simply skin that is more easily irritated than most. For those who’ve never experienced it, it can seem trivial; for those who suffer with it, everything from beauty products and certain fabrics to chemicals and even food can trigger uncomfortable reactions and even pain.

Sensitive skin refers to skin that is more prone to inflammation. Causes for each affected person can differ, and not everyone with sensitive skin will experience the same reaction or get the same symptoms. This type of skin condition is caused by the skin barrier itself being thinner, which explains why those affected are more prone to reacting to skincare products. Dermatologists reveal that fragrances are the number one cause of sensitive skin.

Any good skincare range must cater for all the different skin types – for both men and women. That’s exactly what we do at Dawn. We’ve also improved our formula to include plant-based glycerine, 100% natural moisturisers, added oils and sustainably sourced African Cocoa Butter to ensure each skin type reaches its full potential. From sensitive skin products to hydrating and glow-enhancing products, Dawn has the nourishment your skin needs to be beautiful.

If you think you may have sensitive skin, it’s best to visit a dermatologist for expert advice. In the interim, here are some symptoms to look out for.


1. Your skin reacts easily

People with sensitive skin usually experience itching, dryness or redness if they come into contact with detergents, fragrances, perfumes, and some household products. The weather, particularly wind and cold, can also trigger a reaction on your skin.


2. You have dry skin



Dawn Soothing Body Cream

Sensitive skin is often associated with dry skin. This is because dry skin tends to be more problematic in winter where extra moisture is needed. However, there are many soothing skincare products that can combat both dryness and skin sensitivity. Be sure to read the label to ensure there are no fragrances or harsh ingredients.


3. You get rashes often

Rashes can be extremely uncomfortable. If you get red, itchy bumps after coming into contact with a product, that is your skin’s way of saying it is not happy. Be sure to make note of what touched your skin, and avoid future contact.


4. You sunburn easily

The sun’s rays are harmful enough but are even worse for a person with sensitive skin. Look out for creams for sensitive skin with a high dose of SPF to protect yourself against the sun.


5. Prone to breakouts

While hormones are one cause of breakouts, those with sensitive skin can experience more blemishes and spots just by using the wrong product. A specialist skincare professional might be your best bet to help you choose the right product for your skin.

If you know you have sensitive skin, the best way to help yourself is to take a close look at your skincare routine. One of the smartest moves is to invest in sensitive skin products for the body which are designed to prevent skin irritation. The Dawn Aloe Vera & Avocado Oil Body Cream is a soothing body cream made to hydrate sensitive skin. It contains aloe vera and coconut oil, two powerful ingredients renowned for their soothing properties.

For men with sensitive skin, the Men's Legacy Fragrance-Free Body Cream soothes and protects sensitive, dry skin, ensuring no unnecessary ingredients are added that risk upsetting the skin.

Looking after sensitive skin shouldn’t be a chore. While there is no such thing as perfect skin, it makes sense to give more fragile skin the best chance you can by ensuring potential irritants are kept at bay.