9 Benefits of Rose Water for Your Skin

Rose water is considered to be a beauty elixir. The hydrating and soothing elements speak for themselves. While it seems like the rest of the world unlocked the wonders and benefits of rose water for skin, we’re finally giving it the spotlight it deserves.

As beauty and skin lovers ourselves, we’d be foolish to pass up on not including rose water in our skincare products. Once we learned about the benefits of rose water for skin, we wanted to give you that experience too. So, we developed Dawn Rich Lanolin & Rose Water Silky Body Lotion, to nurture and enrich your soft, smooth skin.

If your skin is lacking that natural, beautiful glow; we’ve got you. Here are nine incredible rose water benefits for your skin.

1. Soothes skin irritations

Attention all sensitive-skinned queens, rose water is your friend. Rose water is packed with anti-inflammatory properties that can help calm skin irritations. It provides a cooling effect that can help reduce redness.

2. It is an antioxidant powerhouse

Hello skin regeneration! Sometimes all your skin needs is a little boost to get stronger, and the antioxidants that rose water has contributes to that. When you apply rose water either as a toner or makeup remover, you’re nourishing your skin and boosting its growth; that’s a win.

3. Heals skin scars and cuts

Our skin is amazing and generally heals quite fast. If you have some scars or cuts, applying rose water to your skin regularly can help soothe those cuts and reduce the appearance of it.

4. Hello youthful-looking skin

The rose water benefits are next level. Did you know that rose water may have anti-aging properties? Say goodbye to dull-looking skin, because rose water has entered the chat. Daily application of rose water should be equivalent to drinking water from the fountain of youth.


Beautiful lady with glowing skin

5. Hydrates all skin types

There are many rose water uses, such as a toner, makeup remover, and even a hydrating cream. Rose water-infused lotions, such as the Dawn Rich Lanolin & Rose Water Silky Body Cream hydrate the skin and give your skin that natural, effortless glow.


6. Removes excess oil from your skin

If you happen to run out of your favourite cleanser, rose water is the next best thing. According to a skincare expert, it’s capable of removing dirt and oil in clogged pores, making it the ideal cleanser in your routine.


7. Improves skin tone and blemishes

We know that rose water brightens our skin and keeps us looking youthful, but it also improves our skin tone and reduces the appearance of blemishes. We didn’t call it the beauty elixir for nothing!

8. Enhances your mood

When you use rose water for your skin, you’re unbottling rest and relaxation. The pleasant aroma from rose water can help enhance your mood, easing your stress and anxiety. It’s no wonder that when you take a bath filled with rose petals, you experience the same feeling.

9. Skin-friendly

One of the most amazing rose water benefits is that it is skin friendly for all skin types. So, if you have dry, oily or combination skin, rose water will still work its magic on you and you will reap the benefits.

Rose water is probably one of the most underrated skincare ingredients. It has an incredible number of benefits for skin that speak for themselves. Here at Dawn, it’s our mission to give you skincare solutions that show off in your smile and healthy-looking skin. Try the Dawn Rich Lanolin & Rose Water Silky Body Lotion to feel a difference in your skin after just one application.