5 Benefits of Using Activated Charcoal for Your Skin

When we say ‘activated charcoal’, we’re not talking about the charcoal used on a fire. We’re talking about skin care, but on a whole new level. Activated charcoal powder has some amazing benefits and uses for your skin. From face masks and body lotions to cleansers and exfoliants, activated charcoal deserves a spot in your skin care routine.


What Is Activated Charcoal?

Activated charcoal is a very fine black powder that is produced from heating common charcoal at extremely high temperatures. The term ‘activated’ simply means that the heated charcoal has become porous. In other words, it can absorb other substances.

What Role Does It Play in Skin Care?

Your skin has pores, some larger than others. Pores are essential in maintaining healthy-looking skin. During the day, our pores release a natural oil called sebum, which is our body’s unique way of keeping our skin soft and moisturised.

In some cases, our pores can get clogged with dirt, oil or bacteria. This results in blackheads, acne or painful swelling of the skin. Activated charcoal powder can help remove these impurities by drawing them out without damaging the natural properties of your skin. Activated charcoal is good for your skin and perfectly safe to use.

Dawn understands the importance of healthy, supple skin for men and women. Our Dawn Men Active Fast Absorbing Body Lotion is infused with activated charcoal powder to detox and clarify skin. It provides an overall balanced and even-toned finish with moisturising benefits to tackle the driest of skins.

What makes our Men’s Active Body Lotion special? Our key ingredient - activated charcoal powder. The benefits speak for themself. Here are 5 amazing ways activated charcoal lotion benefits you:

Young man touching his face

1. Helps Reduce Acne & Scarring

Suffering with stubborn acne or bacne? Activated charcoal powder lotions and cleansers are your best bet to clearer skin. They help reduce the appearance of acne by absorbing excess oils and toxins that get clogged in your pores. It’s been said that activated charcoal works just like a magnet due to its adsorbent properties.

2. Treat Skin Conditions

Skin conditions are more common than you think. Whilst activated charcoal can’t treat or cure any skin disease, it can assist in soothing the symptoms related to it. A topical application of activated charcoal powder paste can relieve insect bites, cuts or little skin irritations.

3. Evens Out Oily Skin

Activated charcoal has been used in skin care for years. It is especially beneficial to those with oily or combination skin. If you find it difficult to find a lotion that doesn’t leave you with an oily residue, activated charcoal lotions are for you. They absorb excess oils for your skin, leaving you with a smooth, even-toned finish.

Man applying cream onto elbow

4. Detoxifies Your Skin

There’s nothing better than clean and clear skin. Lotions with activated charcoal powder benefit your skin by gently removing dirt, oils and bacteria that get trapped in your pores. Ridding your skin of impurities often involves using products that could strip your skin. Activated charcoal lotions benefit your skin by gently extracting those impurities and keeping your skin moisturised.

Due to the fine particles in the activated charcoal powder, it acts as a natural exfoliant too. Say goodbye to dead skin and say hello to radiant skin.

5. It Is Antibacterial & Antifungal

You’d be surprised to know that activated charcoal powder is antibacterial as well as antifungal. It has been used to treat certain gut issues like e-Coli, so it’s basically an all-rounder if you ask us. Cleansers and lotions with this magic ingredient prevent bacteria from growing in your pores. Not only does it assist in acne prevention, it also removes toxins from your body. Is there anything this porous powder can’t do?

Activated charcoal lotion benefits your skin in many ways. It detoxes, clarifies, soothes and prevents bacteria from growing in your skin.

With Dawn Men Active Fast Absorbing Body Lotion, you can combat dry, dull skin, leaving you with an evenly-toned, radiant finish.

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