Papaya Oil Skin Benefits You Never Knew About

There’s no magic pill that you can swallow to give you amazing skin overnight, but there is a variety of fruits that can contribute to better skin. Papaya is known for its sweet taste and high vitamin content, but did you know that the papaya seeds can be regenerated into papaya oil? The skin benefits of papaya oil will give you glowing skin whether you eat it or apply it in your skincare routine.

Skincare routines and skincare ingredients are all about looking after your skin and knowing what works for your skin type. When you include papaya oil for skin into your regime, you’re getting all the goodness it has to offer. Fun fact: papaya oil has many uses that aren’t just for your skin, but it can be used for your hair and health too.

We can list many reasons why papaya oil deserves a spot in your routine. From the amazing moisturising papaya seed oil benefits to the effortless radiance that it gives your skin; but for now, we have five incredible papaya oil benefits you might have not known about.


1. Natural moisturiser

If you’ve neglected your skin or perhaps weren’t sure of the correct steps in skin care, papaya oil is a good place to start. Dull and dry skin is reformed into soft and supple skin through the moisturising properties of the papaya. It deeply nourishes your skin cells and makes it happy and hydrated.

2. Helps with skin pigmentation

Did you know that papaya has properties that can actually help reduce pigmentation? Dark spots are naturally faded thanks to the beta-carotene and phytochemical content. Even if you have scars on your skin, papaya oil can be used to reduce the appearance of it.


Beautiful woman touching her cheeks, looking in the mirror

Can help with skin conditions and irritations

Papaya has been used as a natural remedy for centuries to help promote the healing of scars and other skin conditions. There is an enzyme in papaya oil that can ease and reduce redness and itchiness. It’s basically a skin care lifesaver that you need in your life.

Reduces the appearance of wrinkles

Age is a natural part of life and wrinkles are our skin’s way of saying we’ve experienced some amazing moments. The peel of a papaya can help reduce wrinkle formation. The enzyme found in the peel helps exfoliate the skin, leaving it glowing and younger-looking.


Three ladies with radiant skin

We know it’s no secret that nature can nurture your skin. That’s why all of our lotions are enriched with 100% natural moisturisers, giving you the best chance at achieving beautiful skin. Dawn took papaya oil and mixed it with our signature blend of lotion and created Dawn Tropical Cream & Papaya Oil Silky Body Lotion just for you. It is best used for skin that needs that natural, beautiful glow. Say hello to softer, smoother, and more beautiful skin with Dawn.