DIY Tips & Tricks

to Be Summer Ready

Shopping for skincare products can be a hassle!

Have you ever gone to a store to buy skincare products only to come back with just one product? We get it. The skin care aisle can be overwhelming when there are  a million products claiming to smoothen skin texture and make it glow.

While you’re debating the countless options you have, why not take the matter into your own hands? Beautiful skin starts from within – to glow from the inside out, here are a few tips that will leave you looking radiant this summer.

Stay hydrated

Did you know that drinking water is a natural moisturiser? It flushes out toxins from your body and your digestive system depends on it. When dehydrated, skin is prone to wrinkles and skin disorders. Drink enough water and your kidneys and skin will thank you for it. Add an extra glass of water to your daily intake and see how your skin improves over time.


Exfoliation helps remove dead skin cells. The best body scrub you can use, without breaking the bank, is made from three ingredients from your pantry! Combine a cup of sugar, half a cup of olive oil, and one tablespoon of honey in a bowl. Mix well and apply to your face and body, scrub for a few minutes and wash off with lukewarm or cold water. Be sure to moisturise afterwards with Dawn Aloe Vera & Avocado Oil Body Lotion that deeply penetrates dry skin and soothes sensitive skin.

Regular exercise promotes healthy skin

Home workouts are becoming more popular as people work on their summer bodies in the comfort of their lounge or bedroom. Your heart rate increases during exercise, boosts circulation, and spreads nutrients and oxygen throughout your body - including to your skin cells. By working out regularly, you stimulate the production of the skin’s natural oil and your complexion stays smooth and supple.

Try Dawn Body Lotion

Dawn Radiant Glow and Gold Dust Body Lotion is the holy grail of radiant, naturally glowing skin. Dawn has a wide range of products that cater to different needs. In summer, your skin is constantly exposed to the sun, which can dry out the skin. Keep your body moisturised by using the Dawn Cocoa Butter & Coconut Oil Body Lotion which is perfect for dry skin and will keep you glowing for 48 hours!


The most important rule about getting summer ready: preparation. Think more about feeling good within yourself and the rest usually follows. A bit of TLC is all your body needs. You glow, girl!