How to get smoother, 

softer skin

Ask anybody, and they will probably agree that soft and smooth skin is the ultimate skin status symbol. Nourished skin signals health, happiness and overall wellness. However, if you’ve been struggling with dry skin, there’s no need to panic. Here’s how to get smoother, softer skin.


What causes dull and textured skin?

Is your skin looking and feeling textured, bumpy and dull? It could be for several reasons, including:

• Not enough sleep: The body needs at least eight hours of quality rest to repair and regenerate skin cells. 

• Poor diet: If you’re not eating the right foods (or too many of the bad), you could be depriving your body of essential vitamins and nutrients. Good eating habits are important for good skin. 

• Not drinking enough water: Water helps to flush out toxins and hydrate your skin from the inside out. You need at least 2 litres a day - even in the winter.

• Smoking, or too much alcohol: Both of these bad habits will negatively affect your skin. Cigarettes and alcohol cause inflammation in the body, resulting in puffiness and redness in your skin.

• Too much caffeine: Excess coffee or caffeinated tea can dry out your skin, leaving it dull, textured and prone to fine lines.

• Sun damage from frequent exposure without proper sun care: Invest in a good SPF sunscreen and hat when venturing outdoors.

• Exposure to the elements: Frequent exposure to harsh weather such as heat, dry air or wind can negatively affect the skin.

• Not enough exercise: If you aren’t moving your body and breaking a sweat, you’re not getting the blood pumping to your skin and circulating properly. This is essential for skin health.

• Using the wrong products for your skin: You should avoid using mediocre products that don’t offer the best nourishing ingredients.

How to get softer skin

Start with the basics. Get enough sleep. Drink enough water. Eat a balanced diet. Then, consider your skincare regime. All of these simple measures can be used to achieve smooth body skin at home.

1. Exfoliate often

To get smoother, softer skin, you’ll first need to remove the dry, dead skin cells. Exfoliate at least twice a week. This will help your products better penetrate the skin’s barrier.

You can exfoliate with a body sponge or with a homemade exfoliator. Sugar, oil and coffee grounds are just some of the ingredients you might find at home. Apply the mixture to your skin and rub in gentle, circular motions and then rinse thereafter. You’ll instantly notice how much better your skin feels. We suggest exfoliating in the bath or shower. It’s much easier to clean up the mess!

Coffee and coconut scrub

2. Apply moisturiser

Ideally, you should apply your moisturiser as soon as you get out of the bath or shower. Using products on slightly damp skin can help to lock in the hydration. Hydrated skin means that it’ll be soft, smooth and glowing.

Woman applying lotion after shower

3. Check the ingredients

Are you using the best products for your skin? Look for ingredients that offer hydration for an instant glow. Dawn Tropical Cream & Papaya Oil Silky Body Lotion, nurtures soft, smooth skin. It’s a body lotion enriched with 100% natural moisturisers that deliver 48-hour moisturisation and is perfect for skin that needs a natural, beautiful glow.

Natural ingrediants on a table

4. Treat yourself to a bath soak

Why not treat yourself to a relaxing bath soak? Hydrating bath bombs or oils can also help soften your skin. Epsom salts and essentials oils can make for nourishing skin soaks. Light some candles, put on some music and relax. Just ensure the water is not too hot as this may dry out and damage your skin.

Woman taking a bubble bath

5. Massage in your products

Instead of lathering on your creams in a hurry, take time to massage them in. By doing so, you’ll ensure optimal penetration and benefits. Massage also helps with circulation and regeneration. This, in turn, can help make skin appear smoother and softer.

Woman applying lotion to legs

6. Invest in proper hair removal tools or appointments

Razor burn, hot wax or poor threading can all lead to hard, bumpy skin. Rather take the extra time and effort to invest in a good razor or hair removal product of your choice. Waxing and threading at professional salons might be a bit more expensive, but ultimately kinder to your skin in the long run. Shaving, waxing or threading too much is also damaging to your skin, so make sure not to overdo it.

Hair removal tools

Getting smoother, softer skin is easy. With a combination of good habits and the right products, you can have skin that glows with health. Are you ready to show off your best skin ever?