Mother Nature’s

Skincare Magic

More and more people are starting to realise that the path to radiant, glowing skin has been right under their noses all the time. Mother Nature’s pantry contains a whole host of soothing, healing and moisturising plant materials that can help to restore your skin to its natural, glowing condition. But how do you access these ingredients? It is simple. Dawn’s range of natural moisturising creams and lotions contain 100% natural moisturisers, sustainably sourced Cocoa Butter and natural oils that can provide the best skincare that Mother Nature has to offer. Here are some of our favourites.

Avocado Oil and Aloe Vera 

Aloe Vera has been used for centuries to soothe, protect and moisturise skin. This is precisely because of its superior, instant hydration and absorption properties. When coupled with avocado oil - which is packed with vitamin E - the antioxidants and anti-inflammatory effect of this moisturising cream instantly soothes sensitive skin and leaves your body radiant and glowing.  

Argan Oil and Vitamin E

Some of, even the skinniest and fittest of us, have stretch marks - but we no longer have to entertain them! Dawn’s new Vitamin E & Argan Oil Body Cream and body lotion are here to help you smooth your “zebra stripes” away.  This body cream is enriched with 100% natural moisturisers and offers 48-hour protection, which helps reduce the appearance of stretch marks and other small scars.  For best results, be sure to apply frequently.

Shea Butter and Almond Oil 

Not only does this combo smell delicious, it revives dry and damaged skin and ensures a lasting, natural glow. Almonds are really good to eat, but their precious oil is equally amazing when applied to skin. It’s crammed with vitamin E and can even be used in pure form to treat psoriasis and eczema. Shea butter is, indeed, one of Mother Nature’s miracle gifts to us.

The oils found in the butter are rapidly absorbed by human skin. Thus, they act as a “replumping” agent that restores good fatty acids and rapidly provides the moisture required for healthy, elastic, and supple skin, which helps prevent premature sagging and aging. 

If you suffer from dry skin, make sure you find out everything you need to know about it here. 


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