Confidence Boosting Antiperspirants

Warmer weather is here. It’s time to get ready for the seasonal delights of flowers, green grass, tweeting birds, and buzzing bees. But, for many of us, the hotter months that follow brings the stress of managing perspiration and unwanted sweat stains.

Though perspiration may seem like an evil trick played on us by our bodies, there is a good reason for why we sweat - it’s our body’s way of cooling us down when we overheat. The good news is that Dawn’s range of anti-perspirant roll-ons for women have got your underarms covered. Dawn boasts a range of five fabulous antiperspirant roll-ons to help you feel your most confident.

Choose from Forever Fresh, Pearl of Africa, Cool Musk, Gentle Aloe, or Dawn Black and White. You’re bound to feel a spring in your step once you’ve applied your daily dose of Dawn antiperspirant.

Woman applying antiperspirant on armpits

There are many factors that can cause excessive sweating. Factors such as metabolism, hormonal levels, blood flow, and even emotional issues can be culprits. So, rest assured, you’re not alone if you sweat excessively. But there’s a lot you can do to alleviate it.

Antiperspirants are considered the first line of defence for excessive sweating of the underarms, hands, feet, and even your face. They work by blocking the sweat ducts and preventing moisture.

The International Hyperhidrosis Society, the only global non-profit organisation dedicated entirely to improving the lives of those affected by excessive sweating, offers the following useful tips:

Dawn antiperspirant roll-on range

●  Choose a soft-solid formula, and make sure it's an antiperspirant, not just a deodorant. Deodorants on their own don't prevent sweating, they just reduce odour by limiting odour-causing bacteria.

●  Apply antiperspirant once in the morning and again prior to bedtime. Applying deodorant before bedtime provides the most benefit.

●  Gently massaging the antiperspirant into the skin may be useful.

●  To avoid irritation, only apply antiperspirant to completely dry skin. Dry your skin with a hair dryer on a cool setting if necessary. If there is any sweat or water on your skin when you apply the antiperspirant, you will create skin irritation and stinging.

Best Antiperspirant For Excessive Sweating?

This is a personal choice, but remember that antiperspirants, as opposed to deodorants, are considered the best treatment for excessive sweating.

Dawn antiperspirants are made with gentle ingredients that are kind to your skin. They can provide up to 48-hour protection against sweat and odour and leave you feeling freshly scented. And they come in conveniently sized roll-ons which fit easily into your gym bag or handbag.

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