The Ultimate Roll-on Guide: Benefits, Uses and Precautions

When it comes to personal hygiene, body spray and roll-on form part of your daily routine. Not only do they keep your body odour in check, but they also leave you smelling fresh all day long. You might be wondering what the difference is between roll-on and body spray. So they work the same and should you use both? Let’s get into it with our handy roll-on guide.

It’s easy to confuse body spray with roll-on. They both make you smell great and prevent bad odours. However, they are completely different. Roll-on, also known as anti-perspirant, is smaller and compact in size. It features a ball-type applicator that when rolled onto skin, dispenses liquid that protects you from sweat and odour. Body spray comes in a spray can; helps reduce sweat but it doesn’t protect against germs that cause sweat to smell.

Is roll-on better than spray?

It all comes down to preference and what works for your skin. Some men will use one or the other and some will use both to complement each other. Many people love to use roll-on because it contains a lot of product in a small package, which makes it an extremely affordable solution for protecting against sweat and body odour.

But many people wonder whether there’s any point in using a product to stop sweat from smelling when you could use one to protect against sweat and odour? We tend to agree. Which is why Dawn’s range of anti-perspirant roll-on for men keeps you dry and fresh all day long, even on your most active days.

Another great thing about our affordable Black + White roll-on  is that it reduces white marks or yellow stains on your clothes. Within the Dawn anti-perspirant black and white range, your clothes are protected from those nasty sweat stains and odour. You’re given peace of mind knowing you can go about your day without worrying about your personal hygiene.

Dawn Men Black + White roll-on

Benefits & uses

There are no rules when it comes to how often you want to apply your roll-on. A general rule of thumb is to reapply it after a shower, including during the evenings too. Roll-on is intended to reduce bacteria under your arms from causing odour.

There are many benefits to using roll-on in your daily hygiene regime, such as:

• Extremely effective in reducing sweating

• Extremely effective in reducing body odour

• Reduces white marks

• Compact and portable


Roll-on is safe to use. With Dawn’s range of roll-ons we’ve developed our anti-perspirants to contain ingredients that will protect you from sweat and odour.

It takes trial and error to really figure out what works for you and your skin. The goal is to keep you fresh all day long. Dawn’s 48-hour protection Black + White, Cool & Fresh and Active Dry will ensure you tackle your day – and night – with confidence.