Which is Better: Roll-on or Deodorant?

When it comes to personal hygiene, we all have our preferences on what products we like and don’t like. Whichever it is, there are great qualities to using both of them, it’s up to you to decide which one is your favourite. Are you team roll-on or team spray?

Deodorant sprays have one job; to keep you smelling fresh all day long no matter what life throws at you. If you have more body odour than sweat, it would be ideal to choose a product that can combat odour. Also, if you’re an active person, pick a deodorant spray that will help prevent excess sweating. So, the real question is, roll-on vs. deodorant spray; which one is better?


Everything you need to know about roll-on: pros and cons

Roll-on is a liquid substance that is found in a compact bottle with a rolling ball. It’s an antiperspirant used to prevent sweat and is commonly used under your arms. Let’s look at some key facts and benefits about roll-on.


They are compact and discreet

When you want to top up on your hygiene, you don’t want to be loud about it. Roll-ons are compact and discreet, and are conveniently sized to fit in your gym bag or handbag.


Refreshing and effective

Roll-ons provide maximum protection against sweat and odour. Dawn’s deodorant for both men and women are super effective and keep you smelling fresh throughout the day, even if you’re having an active day.

Lady wearing sports bra, one arm on her head and the other touching her chin


Needs time to dry

Since roll-on is a liquid, it does need a bit more time than deodorant spray to dry. If you don’t allow it to dry, it can cause pasty underarms which sounds pretty unpleasant.


Can cause skin irritations

Depending on your skin type, some roll-on products can cause your skin to flare up or react to certain ingredients. Look for roll-ons with caring ingredients  that protect your skin and prevent irritation.


The advantages and disadvantages of deodorant spray

Deodorant spray is known to come in a variety of scents from anything like vanilla and lavender to musk and ocean breeze. Most deodorant sprays are used with roll-on, but sometimes on its own to prevent body odour. Let’s identify the advantages, disadvantages and benefits of deodorant sprays.


They don’t leave stains behind

Body sprays are a fine mist and not liquid like its counterpart roll-on. This means that it takes no time at all to dry.


They are fast and effective

If your mornings are busy and don’t have all the time in the world to get ready, deodorant sprays can get you smelling amazing in less than 30 seconds. Body sprays help mask odour.

Easy to apply, less is more

All it takes is a few spritz here and there to your targeted spots to have you smelling incredible. It’s also a good idea to spray less as little goes a long way.

Smell can be overwhelming

Some fragrances can be extremely overwhelming. Be conscious of other people when spraying in a public space.


Can be harsh for sensitive skin

The chemicals in deodorant sprays can cause an allergic reaction to your skin if you have sensitive skin. Be sure to read the label and choose a skin-friendly option.


Roll-on vs. deodorant spray: the verdict

Roll-on helps prevent sweat and odour while deodorant sprays help to mask body odour. They can be used together to keep you dry and give you a shower-fresh scent all day. It’s a personal preference on what works for you and your skin. Dawn has a wide range of roll-on deodorants for both men and women that will keep you dry and well-protected all day.