The busy girl’s guide

to getting ready in 10 minutes

As a Dawn woman, you understand just how vital beauty sleep and an effective beauty routine are. We’re always on the hustle, coming up with the next big idea to change the world, so it’s common not to have enough hours in a day to work on yourself!

However, that’s all about to change because self-care is essential. Yes, even if you only have 10 minutes to spare in the morning.

Here are a few ways you can cut down on your preparation time without compromising your radiance. 

Cleanse and moisturise

The first step to an effective skin care routine is to cleanse and moisturise your face. Because every woman needs a fresh face and radiant skin (which we’ll get to later) before stepping out of the house. Wash your face in the morning to clear any dirt and build-up that has accumulated during the night. A splash of cold water will also help you to wake up and refresh your skin. 

Plan your outfit 

If you are not a morning person, then a little bit of planning the night before will help you to keep your morning routine quick. Make sure your clothes are ready to be worn to save time looking for your favourite shirt or ironing a creased collar during the morning rush.

Do the time-consuming stuff in the evening

Some beauty practices simply can’t be avoided and they will take up time. So, it’s better to get these out of the way before you head to bed. Take a luxurious bath or shower followed by a well-deserved body pamper session. The new Dawn Range now offers a variety of options that speak specifically to your skin care needs. For example, New Dawn’s Cocoa Butter and Coconut Oil cream contains added oil from Africa and is sustainably sourced in Africa. The 100% natural moisturisers help to revive very dry skin.

Make sure to moisturise

When you are in a rush, keeping your body moisturised is a natural step to miss out. But, anyone who has dashed out the door without putting on body cream will know that having dry skin is not a nice experience. The Dawn Cocoa Butter & Coconut Oil Body Cream is a dry skin moisturiser with accents of chocolate and vanilla. To use, apply a generous amount of the butter onto your skin and massage gently until it is fully absorbed. For best results, use daily.

Use the best products

A great body lotion will give you the glow you deserve in no time at all. Dawn’s new and improved lotions and creams do just that. Dawn helps every woman express their beauty with 100% natural moisturisers that are specially formulated to restore and accentuate skin’s natural radiance. Now you can press snooze, knowing your skin is well taken care of.

These tips will help you to enjoy a few extra minutes in bed and still look great when you walk out the door. Because having a beautiful glow doesn’t have to take hours, it simply takes a combination of nourishing products and mindful planning.